Tuesday, August 10, 2010

4 more races

I have 4 more TRI races left for the season.  In some ways I just want them to be done!  That's probably nerves.  I do love doing them, but the training is always so time consuming.  I can run and bike right from home, but the swimming always takes effort - getting to the pool or lake, etc.  I have a race Thurs and have only swam once in 2 wks!  Oh boyyyyyy!  Here I was thinking of trying to beat my last 3 times.  We'll see!!!

I just want to go back to Step Aerobics!  Soon and very soon.  After a few months of that I'll be wishing I could be training for some more TRIs.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

26 miles

I did a great 26 mile bike ride tonight.  Each week my average speed is going up.  I love that because I don't feel as strong on my bike as I do in swimming....(running has its own issues!!).  I'm finally starting to feel comfortable on my bike.  Maybe it's time to upgrade!!!