Tuesday, August 10, 2010

4 more races

I have 4 more TRI races left for the season.  In some ways I just want them to be done!  That's probably nerves.  I do love doing them, but the training is always so time consuming.  I can run and bike right from home, but the swimming always takes effort - getting to the pool or lake, etc.  I have a race Thurs and have only swam once in 2 wks!  Oh boyyyyyy!  Here I was thinking of trying to beat my last 3 times.  We'll see!!!

I just want to go back to Step Aerobics!  Soon and very soon.  After a few months of that I'll be wishing I could be training for some more TRIs.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

26 miles

I did a great 26 mile bike ride tonight.  Each week my average speed is going up.  I love that because I don't feel as strong on my bike as I do in swimming....(running has its own issues!!).  I'm finally starting to feel comfortable on my bike.  Maybe it's time to upgrade!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ride instead of Drive!

Today I decided to ride my bike to the library instead of drive.  It only took me an extra 10 mins (total - 5mins each way!).  So why not - had to get a book AND got to exercise.  I highly recommend it.

It was actually my first time riding in the rain.  I always whimp out to ride my road bike in the rain.  Too slippery, etc.  Well I had no choice because I was halfway there & I needed a book!  It wasn't bad.  Can't say it was my favorite - rather be running in the rain than riding. 

So run, bike or walk to your next errand!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I think Stella Got Her Groove Back!  Really, I think I'm back and my training is going great.  What am I training for besides just the lifestyle of fitness....I suppose it's the Women's Triathlon in September.

I've said this before, but since I injured my leg in March, I was working out, but always in pain and I really had little motivation.  Last night, I felt like I was finally BACK and it felt great!!

Oh and to give you an update on my every other week TRIs:

1st time: 1:19:40
2nd time: 1:18:17
3rd time: 1:16:23
Love that it keeps going down.  I think I can cut some more time out too.  We'll see in August.

Thanks for continuing on this journey with me!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Vitamin Water

As I read the label I found this interesting.....the serving size of the bottle of Vitamin Water I was drinking is 2.5 in ONE bottle.....so if you do drink the whole bottle which why wouldn't we.....you are getting 2.5 times whatever the nutrition facts say, so while there is zero calories the one I was drinking was 16g sugar per serving = 40g sugar.  Ugghhhh!!!!!!!!!

Watch your labels.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Am I a true runner now.....my toenail has fallen off!  I sorta have a weak stomach so the sight of it maybe me nearly pass out......but now I'm sorta proud of it!

Swimming at 7:30am on Saturday Morning anyone?  anyone?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Show Must Go On......

Well March/April was a tough time for me.  After I injured my leg it was just one event after the next.  I think I finally got some answers through a gait analysis appointment and a sports med chiropractor.  We're moving along......

Over the last few wks I've actually felt like I've been enjoying exercising again.  I've participated in 2 triathlons.  These TRIs are unique - they are more practice TRIs (a fraction of the cost to participate!!), but they are pretty much Spring TRIs at night.  They are great.  Both times had super cool temps - like 60s!  We'll see what the next few hold.

1st time: 1:19:40
2nd time: 1:18:17

My transitions weren't good 2nd time, so I know I can beat that aspect of the time for my next event.  My strongest part of the TRI is swimming and I love to swim so it's great!

I hope you are getting outside and exercising - no excuses with early bright mornings and late bright evenings!  (except for the 90s and humidity that we're experiencing at the present moment in New England!).