Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Show Must Go On......

Well March/April was a tough time for me.  After I injured my leg it was just one event after the next.  I think I finally got some answers through a gait analysis appointment and a sports med chiropractor.  We're moving along......

Over the last few wks I've actually felt like I've been enjoying exercising again.  I've participated in 2 triathlons.  These TRIs are unique - they are more practice TRIs (a fraction of the cost to participate!!), but they are pretty much Spring TRIs at night.  They are great.  Both times had super cool temps - like 60s!  We'll see what the next few hold.

1st time: 1:19:40
2nd time: 1:18:17

My transitions weren't good 2nd time, so I know I can beat that aspect of the time for my next event.  My strongest part of the TRI is swimming and I love to swim so it's great!

I hope you are getting outside and exercising - no excuses with early bright mornings and late bright evenings!  (except for the 90s and humidity that we're experiencing at the present moment in New England!).

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