Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stressed Out?

Are you stressed out?  I was today, so I went for a run.  Boy it felt good.  No IPod; just me and nature and a few tears!

Don't hold it in, don't sit in bed, don't eat a bag of chips - EXERCISE!



KatelynWaite said...

Tears!!! Jeepers...hope I helped my coming over :0)!! I'm stressed but I can't run!! lol

Rebecca said...

I'm quite stressed too. Wish I had a few extra hours to really grind in a workout. Don't be stressed friend, give my phone a ring next time. I had no idea :-(

Musings of an Abstract Mind said...

I actually love this post!! Your point was not that you were stressed out but that you channeled the stress into a positive outlet :).. You don't have to wear Nike to understand that sometimes "Just do it" is just the solution you are looking for! Great post!!