Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anna's Results!

Anna had a great run!  She started with a 6:45/mile and let up a bit as the distance got longer and the hills appeared.  Her lungs were what slowed her down.  How could she have fixed that: more interval/speed training.  Unfortunately her tendinitis was keeping her from that the last few weeks.

Final Time: 24:50 and she placed 2nd in her age group!

This was for a great cause: Uganda Water Project.

Great Job, Anna!  Remember - she's a MOM of 2 little ones!!  Another Shout Out to Corrie Tanner, also a mother of 3 little ones, who also ran the same race.  She did extremely well, too and I think this was her first 5K.  YAY, Corrie!!


Anonymous said...

:).. Thanks Jen! Somehow you manage to make me look "cooler" than I actually am, lol!

Rebecca said...

Anna & Corrie ~ two modern day Mama heros!!