Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We did it!

That's God and I did it!!  Couldn't have done it without Him!

I completed my first 1/2 marathon!!  Ahhhhh it felt great.  I lost my little sister 20mins before the race, so I was on my own.  At mile 2, I caught up to her.  We chatted for a bit.  Off I ran and met up with some lady who was about my same pace.  That was fun until I realized the chit chat was slowing me down a bit.  Around mile 5 I met up with Kristin's friend and we ran the next 5 miles together.  At mile 10 I started to get a little nervous thinking - this is the furthest I've ever run!  I continued on.  Yes, I felt pain, but I just pushed through it.   I tried to stay hydrated as much as possible.  I carried a handheld water bottle.  It worked out great.  I wore a tank and shorts - although I was chilly standing waiting I warmed up quickly.  I even got a sunburn!

What an amazing experience!  Yes, I'll do it again, but after I get this darn leg sorted out.  I'm in a lot of pain.  Not really sure what it is.  I have 2 doctor appts coming up to help figure this out.  It kills me not to work out.  I was VERY sore the day after, but by Monday my good leg was pretty much back to normal.

Instead of 2 Blog Posts in one day I'll give you my March Recap here too!

March Recap:
48 miles ran
7 miles biked
2 miles swam

Thanks for all your love and support!  Once I get this leg fixed I'll be onto my next event - not sure what that will be until I figure out how long I'm 'out.'


Rebecca said...

Whoot-Whoot!! You did it!! My hero! Congratz I'm so thrilled for you. What an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

This is so Awesome! Good for you Jen!

Kristine said...

Was praying for you. Glad you were able to do it! Hope that leg continues to heal.