Sunday, April 11, 2010

Salty Thoughts

I found some interesting salt info/alternatives in the latest Weight Watchers magazine:

Soy Sauce:
1T packs 800mg of sodium (about 1/3 of the recommended daily amts for adults)
Better Option: Low Sodium Soy Sauce (cuts sodium in 1/2) or use fresh lemon juice or use a few ice cubes to dilute your soy sauce (I like the last suggestion!).

Dill Pickles contain about 800mg of sodium.
Better Option: Sweet Gherkin (or better yet - a fresh cucumber!)

Low-Fat Cottage Cheese:
Some brands have more than 900mg of sodium
Better Option: Cup of low-fat Greek Yogurt which is about 150mg of sodium (I've been eating the Yoplait Greek and it has 0g fat, 95mg sodium, 19g carbs and 12g protein).

I did ride my bike 7 miles today.  Going to the drs tomorrow.

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