Tuesday, March 30, 2010

4 days.....

4 days until my 1/2 marathon! I'm super nervous; super excited and wonder will I actually run it!!! Are you laughing with me? With all my ailments and pains here and there - I will make my final decision on Saturday morning. I am planning on running it, but if things are hurting the morning of I'll be a spectator. Either way I'm going because my little sister is also running it.

Stick with me and we'll see what happens!

Today I'm going to do a 3 mile run and swim.  Thurs. I hope to get out in the warmth and do 2-3 miles (it's been raining here for 3 days and it suppose to be in the 70s the rest of the week).  Friday will be no exercise and Saturday is the race!!

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Rebecca said...

sorry you are a little bent up. You will do great! Praying for you! Not sure if I'll make the spectator sidelines but I'm sure there will be pics to see. Go you!!