Saturday, March 13, 2010

Serving Sizes!

So I always pay attention to serving sizes.....except the other night!!  I made this Tikka Masala sauce from Archer Farms (Target).  Simple recipe of cooking the chicken, adding the sauce and pouring it all over rice.  I did steam some broccoli to make it a little healthier.  After dinner, I was getting ready to throw the bottle out.  When I was in the store I had looked at the fat per servings 5g - not too bad, but I hadn't looked at the serving size!  Oh myyyyyyyy.  The jar contained 10 servings!!  This jar wasn't that big - like smaller than pasta sauce!!  The serving size was 2T.  Jon assured me that he ate at least 6 servings and I only ate 4 servings = 20g fat plus all the other calories, carbs, etc!  Ughhhhh.  Oh well.  You can only try so hard sometimes.

All that to say pay attention to serving sizes.  Cereals can be 1/2c to 1 1/2c per servings.  Crackers can be 7 crackers to 15 crackers.  Ice cream is usually only 1/2c.  You really have to read the labels on everything (even sauce jars!!).


Musings of an Abstract Mind said...

Love Tikka Masala (sp?)!!! Glad to hear that you are feeling better :) Hope your workout went well today

Rebecca said...

never heard of it b/4? Went way over my serving size today had a few to many cookies :-o

elizabeth said...

weird... i JUST read this recipe for tikka masala:

never had it before, but since this is the second time i've heard about it in 2 minutes, i'd better try it! the heavy cream will probably be as much fat, but maybe you could just even use whole milk??