Friday, March 12, 2010


Well at least I think I am.  My lower leg has been feeling better since Wed afternoon.  I wanted to give it a few days to fully recover - yes it killed me to do that!  So Sat or Sun I will start up again on a few short runs.  Looks like rain over here for the weekend, so I'll be at the gym.  While I prefer to be outside it will actually be better for my leg anyways - less impact!

So what did you do to workout this week while I couldn't?  Do tell!!!

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KimG said...

Hey Jen, Love the blog. Been trying to workout more, but always seem to have something getting in the way. Did go to a kickboxing class this weekend, and boy am I sore. It was a great class though. Hoping for nice weather this week to get outside and walk the trails.