Saturday, March 27, 2010


Goals! I love goals because it causes you to aim/train for something.

Goals in the fitness part of life can be to stay healthy, lose weight, faster times, etc. My goal for the 1/2 was to finish in 2hrs. My goals have changed! Because of my injury 3 wks ago I don't feel like I can set my goal so high. My first 8wks of training was great and now the last 4 wks hasn't been so great. Instead of doing longer runs, I've been able to do 4mile runs! Instead of speed training, I've been sprinting in the pool. My new goal for the 1/2 is to FINISH! This is my first 1/2 and if I'm able to finish I'll have reached my goal and it will feel good (and hopefully injury free!).

You need to have realistic goals. For the MOPS moms I challenged in February, did you set your goals and reach them? I told you to only set something that you could reach within 2-3wks or so. Realistic/short goals are good (long term goals are good too!). What is your goal for the next 2-3wks:
Start walking/running 1-2 times a week
Stop eating sweets every night (maybe 1x/wk)
Lose 3lbs over the next 2wks
Focus on speed training for some upcoming races
Enter a 5K

I'll be anxious to hear some of your ATTAINABLE goals!


KatelynWaite said...

I eat sweets every night :0( booooo!! I should stop. More cookies then sweets...does that count as sweets?? hehehe

Rebecca said...

GOAL: start spinning @ end of april :-O we shall see.