Friday, March 5, 2010


I know I've been "blogless" this week!  I seem to be suffering from slight shin splints from Sunday's run and I haven't done much this week in terms of exercise - ugghhh!  You can imagine how I feel about that.  I did get a good swim on Wednesday in.  I ran on Thurs, but it was just a light, short 2 miles to see what I was up against.  It felt ok.  Today I went outside for a light, short 2 mile run and I was in pain almost the whole time.  ANNOYING!  I went to a great shoe store Fleet Feet tonight and got some new shoes.  I don't want to talk about the fact that this is my 3rd pair in a month!!  So I'll rest and ice for a few more days and maybe go for a longer run on Monday or Tuesday.

Thought you'd enjoy a picture (make sure you pay attention to the pretty swirls in the inside of the shoe!!)


Musings of an Abstract Mind said...

has anyone given you any advice for doing stretches and stuff for shin splints?? I ran cross country in high school and at times would put upwards to 40-50 miles on my body in a week... anyway, we did a lot of stretching, weights and massages, etc... make sure you are stretching!! :)

kelly said...

fleet feet is who go me back up and running. the right shoes are a must. enjoying your blog jen!

KimG said...

Hey Jen, I suffer from shin splints a lot and soaking my shins in warm epsom salt water really helps. Just a thought if you can't get relief. The blog is great BTW.