Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baby it's COOOOLLLDDD Outside!

So I told you I was going to the gym to run my 6 miles, but I decided to go outside instead.  It was cold - probably around 32, but super sunny.  It's just 12mins to the gym, locker room time, getting on the right treadmill and then 12 mins home.  I can save a lot of time by just hitting the pavement - much easier running outside than on a treadmill!  I layered up - 2 shirts, hoodie, 2 pants, 2 socks, fleece hat and my running gloves.  Running gloves are so key!  I enjoyed a bit of DC Talk and U2. 

I'm bringing you back to the basics of how I started my fitness journey with Workout looking forward to them : )

I need to sit down and work on my training schedule for the next several weeks.  I think I'm only scheduled until Tuesday!

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Rebecca said...

Well here's the surprise - I knew it! Did I call that or not when I asked if you were running outside!! Looking forward to your posting tomorrow.