Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Same Results?

Are you sick of getting the same results from your workout/healthy lifestyle?  SWITCH it up. 

Eat different things (all healthy things, of course)
Do more weight training / do more cardio.
Change your cardio - do speed training or do a long distance run or do a short run and ride the bike.

I feel like your body gets used to a certain exercise routine, so fool your muscles/body.  Change is good!  Instead of my dumbbell workout the other day I jumped on the rowing machine for 15mins.  It was great.  Rowing worked more than just my arms!  Multi-tasking - I like that!!

My 1/2 marathon training schedule changes things up a bit.  I'm not always doing the same mileage or the same type of running.  I continue to include STEP class, swimming and spinning, so I'm not just always running, running, running.  I would get bored of that.

Off to do 4 miles of speed training tonight.  Then my favorite show is on, Biggest Loser.  Go green team!!!

1 comment:

Kristine said...

I've heard this before too - to change up the workout so it'll work different parts of your body. Good tip!