Friday, February 5, 2010

Top 10 Tips

Below are my notes from my talk I gave at my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group this morning.  More practical, basic ideas on food and exercise.  MOPS Ladies - I did have my workout was in with my menus!  Sorry!!

Jen's Top Ten Exercise and Get Healthier Tips
A good workout helps me get through the day
and  makes me a better mother

  1. Food Journal.  Write things down you eat.  Be careful when you get your kid's snacks not to have a few here or a few there.  If you do, write it down!
  2. Use some type of system/tool: Weight Watchers (see below) or Calorie Counter (below)
  3. Portion Control.  Pay attn. to food labels and ingredients (stay away from fructose corn syrups and partially hydrogenated oils)
  4. Restaurant Nutrition Info.  Available online.  Know what you can eat before you go out.
  5. Don't buy it!  / Freeze it.  Don't buy the things you are tempted to eat.  When you bake you can freeze things like cookies, so you don't eat and eat and eat them.  You can have one a day or one a week!
  1. Start at home.  Stairs (just go up and down and up and down), weights, run/walk outside, jump rope while kids play outside, exercise ball, DVDs, has great exercise videos/ideas
  2. When you are out and about:  Pick a parking spot far from the store (get an extra walk in!), Squats when you are pumping gas (I'm serious; I do this!!), Watching sports events for your kids: do laps around the court/field, Go for a walk with a friend instead of going for coffee, Mall Walking with stroller
  3. Workout while you watch TV (especially during commercials).  Sit-ups, squats, jumping jacks, weights
  4. Get up early
  5. Set Goals / Have a plan!


Musings of an Abstract Mind said...

freezing the treats is a great tip... Less wasteful than what I usually do-- toss it! :)

Rebecca said...

Thanks again. I'm needing a plan. Love the sub of applesauce vs oil in low fat brownies, and I've discovered that I love them half way frozen. Crazy but it's so sweet.