Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Workout Wednesday / Floppy Arms?

Do you have floppy arms?  Do you want them to look better.....summer is on it's way!  I started with 1lb weights!  I know, funny, huh?  Then I decided to take the plunge and go to 4lb weights and then 8lbs.  Now I can do 15lbs!!

Workout Wednesday:  Work those arms with Weights!


elizabeth said...

you are too funny! love your workout wednesdays! which half marathon are you doing?

oh, and i have a question! i was thinking about how when we're so tired, we/i tend to eat more and eat poorer quality food and it just accumulates over time 'cause, well, i have young kids who are not good sleepers, and neither am i! and, so many times i will have a half hour and i wonder, should i sleep or should i exercise. my body so needs sleep, but it also so needs exercise! what would you suggest?

Jen Clark said...

Well sleep needs to happen, but if you just have a half an hour you probably aren't going to get a solid nap in and you are probably going to get interrupted exercise for 20-30mins and you'll get lots more energy. You'll feel better, feel more confident/stronger, less stressed and you'll be able to face the next issue a bit better. Try it out and see what works for you! I do like naps though :)

elizabeth said...

ok, so after this past couple months of exhaustion like never before and an action-packed, calorie-burnin', but somehow restful vacation weekend, i remembered that exercise HELPS me SLEEP!! not the little joy rides, but serious exercise... i get the best sleep when i've "worked out" (played!) hard! so, yes, i ought to be exercising, especially when a "good" nap is not possible!