Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Shoveling: great way to burn some calories.  Your driveway is too short.....spontaneously go and shovel someone else's driveway!  No snow for all you warm state folks - stick to some squats, jumping jacks & jump rope today!!

Enjoyed STEP last night.  It's gotta be my favorite aerobic activity.  After that I did my 2nd favorite piece of equipment - the rowing machine.  Maybe I should join a rowing team!  That would be fun.  Or maybe I could just be the person that sits on the end and paces the team.

I didn't tell you about my shoe issues!  Last year, I bought these great New Balance 1224 sneakers.  Regular $140, but I got them on sale for $90.  So they went on clearance recently for $66 and so I said I'm going to buy 2 more pairs and that way I'll be good for the summer.  You really should only do about 400miles a sneaker and your sneaker is generally worn out before you even see the wear and tear.  Well I started wearing my new ones and my toes started bruising.  I went to NB to discuss this and he said my shoes are too small - I need the next size.  Ugghhhh.  I tried the 1225's on and they are gorgeous and so nice, but they are $140 (on sale on my shoe site for $99), but I still didn't think I could justify that, so I went with the 1224's / $66 in a bigger size.  I can return one of them, but not both because I've already worn the first pair.  Glad I didn't break in both pairs.  I think I can still use the 'smaller' pair, but I won't be running in them.  I can't wait for the 1225's to go on clearance.  Believe me, I'll be watching the site A LOT!!!

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