Friday, February 26, 2010

Floppy Arms - Part 2

My Friday housework always involves one load of laundry, vacuuming and mopping (traditional mop).  It's quite a workout on my arms, so do some housework to get your fitness in today.  And don't just do it .... DO IT ..... push the vacuum double time, SCRUB the floor......I'm sweating by the time I'm finished mopping.  I also decided to wipe down those door frames that were covered in lovely fingerprints.  That was yet another arm workout.

So it's amazing how you can incorporate fitness into your daily cleaning routine.

BTW, my tulips have started to pop out!  Spring is coming!!!

What will you do today to workout?  It better be something besides lifting the fork to your mouth again and again and again :)


Musings of an Abstract Mind said...

"floppy arms" lol...It's an amusing word picture :)I've been lovin your tips Jen!

Kristine said...

You're making this sound fun! Can't wait to get the ok to step things up. Love your tips of incorporating it into every day life.