Sunday, February 28, 2010

9 miles!

I ran 9 miles today!!!!  I am so thrilled.  I did it in an hour and 19 mins.  By about mile 7 I was so giddy - singing obnoxiously loud to my Ipod (reminded me of the US Snowboarder Girl on the Olympics - if you saw that event!).

My fuel belt came this week.  I got it in black off Amazon - cheaper than the funky colors!  Today on my belt I had two water bottles, pepper spray, Ipod and some gel.  It didn't annoy me at all when I was running.  It might if it was warmer out, but I already have so many layers on....what's another!

The things girls worry about.....what to wear for the 1/2!  I was hoping for a tank top and capris or even shorts, but boy the weather really has to warm up over the next month before I start shedding some layers.  Today, I had on 2 shirts, light coat, tights, running pants, fleece hat and running gloves.  What would you wear?!


Deb said...

Yea for you!!! That'a awesome. I love your tips from the other day about cleaning. What a great way to get things sparkling and get a work out. It actually may make the cleaning more bearable, feeling that it's productive in two ways!

Debbie said...

Jen! I love the workout Wednesday videos!!! This is great - I'm signing up :) You are the coolest.

Anonymous said...

9 miles--yay! I would wear spandex running pants and a tank top with a Under Armour long sleeve shirt over (that way you can take it off if you get hot) and head band for ears :)